Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Double Standard

Earlier today, we tweeted about the double standard that seems to exist in politics, where behavior that is deemed unacceptable for a conservative, is determined to be fine for a liberal. Yet, frequently we see those on the right engaging in behavior that just doesn't make sense. We see people on the right making personal attacks on President Barack Obama or Senator Harry Reid -- yet, they oppose the personal attacks against conservatives like Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh. Effectively, some on the right think it's okay to defame or make personal attacks against the left, but that it isn't okay to do this to the right. They're half correct: it isn't okay to make personal attacks against, or to defame, the right. However, it's also unacceptable to do it against the left.

We believe in priding ourselves on objective commentary. We don't post about how President Obama is an evil atheist, because he has shown otherwise and even if he were an atheist, the Constitution says that's totally fine. We don't write about the sexual escapades of women running for the United States Senate, because once again, these personal attacks are not relevant to their positions on items that actually will affect the American people, such as taxation or job creation.  We believe that true conservatives understand that being respectful is a part of adhering to true conservative values.

In our writing, there's no double standard. We will hold those on both sides accountable. We've called the left out of line, we've called the right out of line, and we're willing to call either side out again in the future.

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