Thursday, December 2, 2010

Republicans Out of Line on Tax Relief

Last night I wrote about how Democrats in Congress were out of line when it came to tax relief. Today, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would prevent a tax hike for Americans earning under $250,000 a year. While this isn't an ideal bill, as it will still give some Americans a tax hike next year, it is certainly better than what would happen with no legislation where every American sees their taxes go up, including a 50% tax hike for the lowest earning Americans. House Democrats have somewhat redeemed themselves for past failures to pass tax relief, in that they've at least put forward and passed a bill that will prevent a majority of Americans from seeing a tax hike in 29 days.

Unfortunately, now many Republicans are out of line and are opposing this bill. Tax relief for a majority of Americans is clearly a step above tax relief for no Americans. The Republicans must get in-line and get pass this partial tax relief through the Senate. The middle class needs tax relief, and the Democrats are willing to give it. It is now the Republicans who are holding up tax relief. The Republican Party is now positioning itself against its own base and against the American people by opposing a bill that will provide tax relief.

The American people are becoming frustrated with Congress. The Democrats refused to support tax relief, so the Republicans told them that the only legislation they would allow through the Senate was tax relief. Now that such legislation is going to the Senate, Republicans may stop it. Any member of Congress opposed to middle class tax relief does not deserve to be re-elected the next time they come up for election. In fact, I call on any Congress member who blatantly defies the will of the people by voting against a middle class tax relief bill to announce their resignation so that more competent person can fill the seat.


  1. You're an idiot.

    The majority of tax is paid by "the wealthy" and "the poor" generally pay nothing. In point of fact, the reason to continue with the current tax rates, especially at the top of the income scale, is to give people who actually invest the capital to do it. Shipping dollars off to the government is a fools errand.

    If you really want to grease the wheels of commerce, pass a flat tax of about 17% with absolutely no deductions or exemptions and eliminate "corporate" taxes. Dividends would be ordinary income taxed at the earned income rate. And EVERYBODY pays.

    This exercise by the Democrats will be as completely useless as TARP and the Stimulus.

  2. So you would rather give no American tax relief than a majority of Americans tax relief?

    TARP was actually not a Democrat program, but was something created by the administration of former President George W. Bush.