Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ending The Lies

It is known that public officials often fail to tell the truth to their Constituents. Unfortunately, they often get a away with it. The solution is to create a strong punishment for public officials who do not tell the truth to the people: removal and disqualification from office.

It should be an amendment to the United States Constitution that any public official who does not tell the truth is automatically removed from office and shall be ineligible to hold office in the United States, provided that their failure to tell the truth is proven by hard evidence. This means that video or audio of their failure to tell the truth would be required, and there would need to be evidence that their words were untrue.

The idea behind this amendment is not to interfere with free speech, but rather to ensure that those elected to serve the people tell the truth. If a public official says on television that a bill will lower the people's taxes, but there is no provision in the bill to reduce the people's tax burden burden, they would be subject to removal from office and disqualification. If a public official backed a bill that would add taxes, and was asked "will this bill hike taxes" in an interview and responded "yes," they would not be affected because they are telling the truth. If they lied and said "no," then they would be removed from office and disqualified from holding office ever again in the United States. Honest public officials who tell the people the truth would have nothing to fear. The people would benefit greatly because lying would be greatly reduced if public officials knew that lying would lead to removal from office and an end to their public careers.

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