Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A House In Denial

While House Democrats deny the proven concepts of supply-side economics and that Washington has a spending problem, a panel of House Republicans today denied that the world's temperature has risen over the past 150 years. While one cannot prove that climate change is the result of human action (or inaction), the fact is that if take a graph and plot temperatures and years, as we move towards today the points on the graph move higher and higher. Below is such a graph (click it for a full size / clear view):

The blue dots are the data points, the x-axis year, the y-axis is annual mean temperature (degrees Celsius), the solid red line is a trend line, and the bold black line is the 25-year moving average. When the trend line and the moving average both show upward motion, that is a clear indication that the temperature has been rising.

The far-left, scientists, environmentalists, fellow conservatives, and even fourth-graders who have learned how to make scatter plots / trend lines have made a mockery of the Republicans for their inability to understand simple mathematical concepts. While it can be argued that the government should not be concerned with climate change, you can't really argue against the laws of mathematics. How can Representatives be taken seriously when they push for deficit reduction when they screw up like this?

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