Thursday, March 10, 2011

Regime In Libya "Will Prevail" Because The President Is Weak

"The regime will prevail," were the words from United States National Intelligence Director James Clapper today speaking about the situation in Libya. Indeed, Muammar Al-Qaddafi will prevail if President Obama keeps up the policy of simply sitting back and watching while Qaddafi massacres civilians, oppresses the people of Libya, and destabilizes the region. Qaddafi's actions have has already sent oil prices up, leading to pain at the pump as Americans face gas prices significantly higher than one year ago and expected by some to reach $4 or $5. Already, airlines have added new fuel surcharges due to the higher prices.

President Obama must realize that the United States, in order to help the people of Libya, ensure national security, and protect economic growth, must take action in Libya. The establishment of a no-fly zone is a first step, and the United States must move forward. Support from other countries, especially those in the Middle East, would be good to have, but if support cannot be brought together then the United States must use its air superiority to establish a no-fly zone alone. Next, the United States must provide support to the opposition to Qaddafi. The opposition will be the new leadership of Libya, a leadership that will provide freedom, democracy, and prosperity. It must be made clear, that the United States' support is contingent on leadership that provides freedom, democracy, and prosperity to the Libyan people. In return, the United States should receive cheaper oil from Libya. As The Report has written about before, "America is addicted to oil," and while the country can move towards energy independence in the long-run, in the short term, the country would benefit from cheaper oil.

If President Obama fails to act, and simply sits back as if his objective as President is to be remembered as being weaker than Jimmy Carter, it will come back to hurt the United States. Oil prices will continue upward, and gas will hit $5, seriously hurting the economy. From a national security perspective, Libya will continue to be a country led by the man behind the Pan Am 103 terrorist attack and from a humanitarian perspective, the people of Libya will continue to be oppressed instead of living in freedom and being able to pursue prosperity.

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